DJM Consulting Group offers a wide variety of services designed to best meet the needs of our clients. Businesses that use commercial vehicles and drivers must comply with stringent regulations and requirements. Some of the services that we offer include support for driver logs and ELDs, FMCSA compliance, fleet safety, and DOT audit management. Custom solutions can be designed to meet specific demands to ensure ongoing safety and compliance.



Whether you are an over the road transportation company with a large fleet or a contractor using one DOT regulated vehicle and driver, with over 25 years of enforcement and industry experience, DJM Consulting Group is here to meet your DOT compliance needs. We can work with you to identify your compliance needs and correct them. We can administrate your DOT compliance program or we can train your staff how to do it. DOT compliance requirements change frequently, we can ensure that you are kept up to date with the current requirements and changes to the regulations. Our FMCSA compliance programs are designed to take a proactive approach to eliminate any uncertainty during an actual audit to identify and correct problem areas.

Some of the compliance work that we provide include:

  • Consistently monitor your CSA scores
  • File DataQ requests to challenge CSA violations that are incorrect
  • Report expiring documents beginning 60 days prior to the expiration
  • Review all Roadside Inspections and supporting corrective action
  • Review all accidents and monitor drug and alcohol testing when necessary
  • MCS-150 Biannual reports
  • Represent company in any DOT or insurance audit or investigation



Services specifically designed for new fleet operations

Launching a brand new business that utilizes DOT regulated vehicles and drivers can be a real challenge. There are many requirements that must be met and applications that must be filed in order to operate a commercial motor vehicle operation. DJM Consulting Group can help you obtain your DOT number, interstate operating authority MC number, and assist you in meeting the financial responsibility requirements for FMCSA. Our team can provide services designed to assist you in passing the detailed safety audit, including the new entrant audit, as well as implementing processes and documentation designed to ensure compliance with the applicable industry regulations. We also offer a variety of annual services, including set up driver and vehicle files per regulations, driver motor vehicle records, Develop and deliver company specific policies and procedures, DOT helpline for emergencies, roadside inspections and accident reviews, annual MVRs, and an update of MCS-150 with PIN.

Integrated solutions with trusted partners include:

  • DOT drug and alcohol testing services
  • FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearing House
  • IFTA registration and preparation
  • IRP set up
  • LLC and EIN creation
  • industry insurance providers
  • all necessary permits


Litigation, accidents, safety issues, and compliance reviews

In our experience, a majority of violations cited by FMCSA in FMCSA/DOT compliance reviews could have been eliminated simply through a better understanding of the criteria. Our team can assist in this process to ensure that no invalid violations are recorded. We can interface with FMCSA investigators on your behalf to mitigate the negative impact of a compliance review. DJM Consulting Group can also offer guidance, resources, and support in an enforcement case to navigate the process and minimize the negative impact on your company. If there is an accident involving a commercial motor vehicle, we can offer expert witness testimony on your behalf to ensure fairness during litigation. We employ experts in many specific areas, including fleet operations, hazardous materials, vehicle inspection, driver training, and regulatory enforcement, to offer the best support for your case.

Some of the other services we can offer include:

  • be your DOT Liaison
  • accident analysis and investigations
  • safety and risk management analysis
  • custom safety forms designed for your company
  • required driver and staff training
  • corrective action plans
  • safety rating upgrades

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